Rowntree’s and razor wire

What would Mr Rowntree have said? Razor wire by the Memorial Library, Sept 2016

The city’s chocolate-related heritage is promoted and sold, while rolls of razor wire adorn the ‘Conservation Area’ of the old Rowntree factory buildings.

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A walk through York, 1979

Handwriting, school exercise book

A walk through York, in 1979, passing factories long since gone. When the railway offices were still railway offices and the Evening Press was based on Coney Street, and the rivers were full of barges — one of them a pub.

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‘The engineering industry’, York and elsewhere, 1979

I’ve been reorganising boxes of things again, and it’s inevitable, you end up opening them and leafing through, in a nostalgic moment, and while I was, I found this school exercise book, geography as taught to first years at Mill Mount Grammar School in 1979. It illustrates perhaps more than … More …