Changing times: factory clocks

Early 20th century factory clock, 21st century solar panel fitted

The Rowntree factory clock on Wigginton Road, fitted with a solar panel since its earlier appearance on these pages. Attention was drawn to these clocks after they were manually adjusted to just after 8 o’clock to celebrate the history of a particular line of confectionery once manufactured here.

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Chocolate Works, Cocoa Works

Red brick building prominent on horizon

As my attention has been drawn to Rowntree’s recently, I wanted to write something about our two famous factories, the Rowntree’s and Terry’s of old, and what’s left of them. These ‘development sites’ are mentioned every now and then, usually separately. It seems to me significant that on both sides of town we have massive empty factory buildings for sale, the remnants of what was, in the 20th century, our main industry.

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