Hungate area, 1990


Foss-side buildings in 1990. I don’t know what these businesses were, but the buildings are long gone.

Where they once stood, it’s now mainly open space, still awaiting redevelopment. The new apartments built in recent years are … More …

Hungate, spring 2007

26 April 2007

Hungate development area – view

It’s all change around here. It’s been a strange series of spaces for some years now – a lot of it car park, or areas that weren’t quite anything at all, being reclaimed by nature. Since … More …

Hungate development

16 June 2006

Hungate foxglove

However handsome they make Hungate’s planned piazzas, they’ll have to work hard to match the beauty of this, made by a small seed landing on the derelict ground. I wandered through the Hungate area in June 2006, to see … More …