Ghost signs collection: within the walls /1

Hand-painted ads on walls, faded ghost signs. From Fossgate, Piccadilly, Navigation Road

Survey: your thoughts please

Survey: your views please ... on this website, and on York and recent changes

Not ranting but thinking ...

In which a rant is replaced by links to thoughtful things written earlier. On the council and its 'visions' and plans ...

The Airspeed factory building (Reynard's garage), Piccadilly has an interesting history, and a proposed new use, but the council would prefer to see it flattened, and a hotel put in its place.


White Swan, Piccadilly: after being empty for decades, is now being redeveloped. Its attractive frontage will be retained. I've been following developments. There are also quite a few pages from 'The Empty Years'.


The Bonding Warehouse, Skeldergate: one of the first buildings I took photos of for this site. I've continued to do that at intervals for ten years. It's now being redeveloped, as luxury apartments. A far cry from what it used to be. There are several pages on what it used to be, and a recent history, in pictures.


King's Square: currently being 'reinvigorated'. We look at its old paving, its new paving, discuss its mulberry tree and delve into some of its history. And hear what councillors thought about it. Oh, and there was all that Daily Mail outraged misunderstanding thing too.

The 'Bile Beans' sign: well-known and well-loved. All you ever wanted to know about it: its first restoration, its recent restoration, and some research into when it might have first appeared on that wall.
And several more pages on York's other ghost signs.

Flooded ings, York

Floods, a regular event, sometimes particularly dramatic. Recent floods, and a reminder of how, before the defences, the Ouse reached Rougier Street.

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