Somewhere on Gillygate? 1930


This is the last photo I have from Kathleen Peirson’s album. I’m including it partly because I’d like to be able to identify the location, though I’m not too hopeful we can. … More …

63 Gillygate, circa 1930

Shop windows, 1930

1930, give or take a year. 63 Gillygate, on the corner of Portland Street, pictured from Portland Street. The sign says ‘Children’s Outfitters’. It’s now Crew men’s hairdressing.

The image — a then and now … More …

When petrol was plentiful /1


In decades past, the motorist in need of petrol didn’t go out to Tesco on Clifton Moor, but could find it here, on Bootham, at the entrance to Bootham Row, right next to the Bootham Tavern, and in numerous locations nearby.

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