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The recent GDPR thing means that I have to have an updated privacy statement/policy thing. I’m just a person who has always respected people’s personal details online, but I have to have something about this apparently, so here it is. It’s probably all quite obvious already. Researching and then conforming to the rules and regs takes time and effort that perhaps would have been better spent on something else, like a page I wanted to make after a longer than usual period of quiet. But anyway, here’s some info:

When you add a comment to these pages, send me a message via the contact form, or sign up to the mailing list, your email address is required. I do not share your email address or any other personal information with third-parties. (Occasionally, in comments, people want to be put in contact with another person. In cases like that, I ask the person in question if I can share their email address with the person enquiring.)

Cookies are used on this website to gather basic visitor statistics (eg popular pages and numbers of page views per day) and by the comments form if you add a comment. You can turn off cookies at anytime by modifying your browser’s settings.

I am currently reviewing how various aspects of this long-running online resource of mine comply with the recently introduced GDPR regulations (though my time would probably be better spent writing things people want to read) and will perhaps update this privacy policy as appropriate.

I’m basically an honest person who wouldn’t dream of exploiting any of your personal data but if you have any concerns about any data I hold please email me via the contact form.

Lisa Pickering
12 July 2018

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