A tale of two bridges

Concrete bridge over river

Recently all eyes have been on Lendal Bridge. A less glamorous bridge deserves our attention: Clifton Bridge. This week marked 50 years since it opened. It’s likely this bridge will be bearing an extra load, of all the traffic diverted from Lendal Bridge.

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Going for a spin over Lendal Bridge


Driving over Lendal Bridge in the afternoon, while we still can. Thinking about traffic light timings, looking for the signs that will tell drivers of the restrictions (hidden by a bus), and wondering exactly how it’s going to work. More …

From Bruges, to Barcelona, to Lendal Bridge

Lendal Bridge

Having read many of the online comments, trying to gauge public reaction, it looks like the majority view is that this proposed trial is ‘a bridge too far’. It has provoked what is generally referred to as a ’storm of protest’. I’ve also seen comments of exasperation: ‘It’s just a bridge, get over it!’, answered with ‘We won’t be able to, from Tuesday onwards’. More …

Lendal Bridge traffic restrictions: thoughts

Roadway across bridge, one car, cyclist, pedestrians

Here’s Lendal Bridge pictured recently, an evening in late April, with barely any traffic. During the day of course it’s generally full of traffic. I can’t say this has in any way offended me, and I’ve generally found it possible to cross the road when I need to. Sometimes after waiting a while.

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