Bert Keech bowls club


I’m fully aware of the many famous and historic things that make York ‘special’. The buildings tourists flock to see. But one of the reasons this site exists is to appreciate the things more ordinary, the kinds of places all towns have. And perhaps, sometimes, to mark their passing, in my own way.

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Holgate windmill

There’s been a lot of interest in the York wheel, a new addition to the skyline, a big happy go-roundy thing. Over in Holgate there’s a more important structure, which is also large, also goes … More …

Hungate area, 1990


Foss-side buildings in 1990. I don’t know what these businesses were, but the buildings are long gone.

Where they once stood, it’s now mainly open space, still awaiting redevelopment. The new apartments built in recent years are … More …

West Offices

August 2011

It’s ‘all change’ round here, as a station guard might have said back in the mid-19th century when this was our railway station.

The redevelopment of this building – more recently known as ‘West Offices’ – is underway, to form a new headquarters building for City of … More …