West Offices work completed

The building work on West Offices is finished (outside, fitting out the inside will take a little longer). These photos were taken from the city walls in late November.

The view towards York Minster is one of the most photographed and familiar views, from the wall walk beginning at Micklegate … More …

An unusual sight, from West Offices

A cheery red bus on a gloomy wet day

At first glance this appears to be just a rather unremarkable photo of a bus in a street on a gloomy wet day.

If you know York well, you’ll know that it’s not usual to see buses and other everyday through-traffic on this short stretch of road.

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West Offices

August 2011

It’s ‘all change’ round here, as a station guard might have said back in the mid-19th century when this was our railway station.

The redevelopment of this building – more recently known as ‘West Offices’ – is underway, to form a new headquarters building for City of … More …