Foss Bridge House

June 2006

Foss Bridge House, detail, with 1878 date

Foss Bridge House is a landmark building at the top of Walmgate, where it joins Fossgate at the bridge. It’s a big confident Victorian building, built in the 1870s. In the later twentieth century … More …

Hungate development

16 June 2006

Hungate foxglove

However handsome they make Hungate’s planned piazzas, they’ll have to work hard to match the beauty of this, made by a small seed landing on the derelict ground. I wandered through the Hungate area in June 2006, to see … More …

Big wheel

April 2006

Big wheel, next to the National Railway Museum

A major change to the York skyline – this enormous observation wheel, recently constructed next to the National Railway Museum. It’s quite impressive, certainly against a blue sky. These photos were taken on … More …