Yorkshire Museum, Museum Gardens

August 2010

Yorkshire Museum – entrance/video presentation

The Yorkshire Museum in the Museum Gardens opened on 1 August 2010 after a major refurbishment, and I visited a week or so later. Like the nearby library, the newly-refurbished museum seems lighter and brighter, and … More …

York Central Library (York Explore)

June 2010

Welcome – York library

I’m a devotee of libraries, considering them fundamentally noble and important places. There has however been concern over the role of libraries, and how many people are using them, and how accessible and welcoming they are. Modernisation was … More …

Bay Horse, Marygate

3 February 2009

Bay Horse Marygate – reopened

Hurrah, I’ve found a recently abandoned late Victorian building that has escaped being either demolished or turned into apartments (I am tired of typing the A word.) Better still, it’s a pub. A recently reopened … More …

Groves WMC

14 March 2008

Wooden sign: Groves Club and Institute Union. John Smith's Beers.

The Groves Working Men’s Club closed in October 2006, and last autumn the planning application to redevelop the site was approved.

This is one of those places that most of … More …

Foss Bank

14 March 2008

View – Foss Bank, York, new development

These buildings have appeared along the side of the Foss, at Foss Bank, since last year. I was rather rude about this development after reading the silly promotional blurb, but have to say … More …

York College

31 July 2007

York College building, July 2007

This, one of York’s newest and most striking buildings, is on the outskirts of the city. After a long walk to Bishopthorpe, I wasn’t sure whether it was worth taking a detour right up Sim … More …