Redfearn National Glass, 1970s


[Photo: Andy Tuckwell]

The factory alongside the Foss, pictured here in 1977, closed in 1984.


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  1. Andy Tuckwell

    It was a great place for a student to get holiday work as it paid really well – £100 a week in 1979 when my rent was £5 a week! The site was really tightly filled in with machinery as they had been there for ages and squeezed in higher capacity equipment. It ran continuously making millions of ordinary bottles and jars, just stopping for a week at Christmas. Molten glass dripping down from furnaces overhead into mechanical blowing machines; long annealing ovens; conveyor belts and packing machinery. Noisy, hot and busy, but it was nice to take a break on a night shift and watch the sun rise over the Foss out at the back, then cycle home at 6.00 while the rest of the city slumbered.

  2. iv just got my hands on the factory master clock from this glass works it was removed in 1989 when the factory was demolished ,i would love to hear from anyone that remembers seeing my clock at the factory , thanks ian

    • roy byers

      Hi Ian,I am an interested bottle collector,i came on this website because i worked at National Glass in York until 1970,my Father worked there for 45years.I remember the Master clock when i was a apprentice,i think thats what you have, i punched my time card in it many times before i went into the drawing office to work.Can you scan a picture of it?.Where are you living?i have lived in South Africa for the past 45years.All the best Roy

  3. Roy Byers

    Thanks Lisa for your reply,yes this was the Master clock, we used a punch clock which was connected to the Master it was close to the main gates in Fishergate.I will forward the photo to one of my old colleagues who lives near Capetown i am still in contact with him, also i still have a colleague who lives in Bishopthorpe he would also remember the clock
    Thanks Roy, Potchefstroom, South Africa

    • Gillian Kelly

      I have a framed statement from the Purchasing Manager, Tom Bucknall, if anyone knows if any of his family are still around, or if there is some sort of museum of memorabilia please let me know.

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