Foss barrier: temporary platform under construction

Foss barrier, construction work in progress, 17 May 2016

Foss barrier, construction work in progress on temporary platform, 17 May 2016

Some weeks back a planning application was submitted in connection with the essential work on the (recently failed) Foss barrier. I’d been wondering what had happened to it and why I’d not heard any more about it. Here it is:

16/00803/FUL | Erection of 20m x 30.40m concrete platform to hold emergency meica kit with associated works | Foss Barrier Tower Street York

Meanwhile, a wander down there yesterday showed that work is well underway on this temporary platform which will, apparently, be in place for around two years.

If you want to see what it will look like when finished, see the ‘temporary platform visualisation’ via the link above. Or, alternatively, just wait a while, as it looks like it’s almost finished, a fact acknowledged in the email correspondence also available on the link above. ‘I would like to deal with the application as soon as possible given that the development is almost constructed on site.’

Email correspondence from the Environment Agency summarises the work currently underway:

the temporary platform which will elevate the MEICA kit above the extreme flood level to facilitate the major refurbishment works on the Foss Barrier pumping station will be in use for 18 months to 2 years according to our latest programme of works. This is an estimated date and we will continue to update the COYC throughout so we can advise the members of the public on the latest, estimated end date. Essentially, the Environment Agency wants to complete the major refurbishment works on the Foss Barrier as quickly as possible.

Difficult to see anyone objecting to these necessary works, after the failure of the barrier in December had such a devastating impact on so many homes and businesses. There are, inevitably, some letters from nearby properties expressing concerns, including one suggesting — jokingly I think — that because of the inconvenience a reduction in council tax payments could be arranged?

Interesting to see the rapid progress on this temporary platform. A couple more photos follow, and information about an event happening this weekend, where you can find out more.

Foss barrier work, 17 May 2016

Foss barrier, work on temporary platform, 17 May 2016

Work at the Foss barrier, 17 May 2016

Work at the Foss barrier, temporary platform under construction, 17 May 2016

More information

The Environment Agency is holding a public exhibition this week, at Hotel 53, Piccadilly, York on Friday 20 May (12pm – 7pm) and Saturday 21 May (10am – 5pm).

There will be an opportunity for residents and businesses to comment on flood defence proposals, and Environment Agency and City of York Council staff will be on hand to discuss the proposals and give advice.

Visitors to the exhibition will also be able to see copies of the recently published Foss Barrier Investigation report.

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