The concerns of kings … York’s ‘Richard III’ year

This pub, on Rougier Street in York, was for a brief time in the 1980s called ‘The Richard III’. (Actually those of us who frequented it called it ‘the Grobs’, after its earlier name, the ‘Grob and Ducat’.)

I have to say that with one honourable exception (see footnote) references … More …

Wishes and white roses: Richard III, again

An email I received recently, from a York resident:

‘I feel embarrassed for York, which is not a feeling I care for at all. It’s been wonderful to read your good sense on all this … once I talk to people about this (those who aren’t bored rigid by it … More …

Richard III, Part the Third

A break with tradition on this page, as I’m illustrating it with photos of Leicester.

The unseemly wrangle to wrest Richard III’s bones from Leicester has quietened a little, but will no doubt resurface again.

When I heard that the remains were to … More …

York v Leicester: battle for the bones


Here’s a detail from a beautiful wooden screen in York Minster, remembering women who gave their lives in war. Moving, isn’t it.

‘Lay my body where you will, and be not anxious about it’

Within our … More …