Sign on the library door

Printed sign with angry handwritten comments added

Sign on the closed front doors of York library, 11 Dec 2013

I wanted to call in the library, briefly, this afternoon. The front doors were closed, which was a bit disappointing.

There was a sign pinned to the front door, explaining the reasons for the closure.

Just a conference, just one day. But have a look at the handwritten messages.

What does it tell us? How much people love their libraries? Perhaps that many of us really rely on them? That we expect they will always be open, that their doors will never be closed unexpectedly?

This one is certainly well-used. A steady stream of people came up to the door, all kinds of people. They all looked a bit disappointed.

No one else wrote on it. But then there wasn’t much space left.

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  1. I saw closure notices all over the library from about a fortnight ago. They also tweeted about the closure. I appreciate that it was a disappointment for many people but, short of issuing a press release, I’m not sure what else they could do.

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