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Beech tree and chapel spire

Beech tree and chapel, Clifton Park, November 2013

I don’t know about you, but every week on a Friday I like to sit down with a cup of tea and look through all the planning applications recently validated by City of York Council, then I read all the agendas for forthcoming meetings, then I note all the other heritage/environmental news.

No, not really. But when I notice things of local importance regarding our local environment it seems sensible to pass them on. Just so people know. I’ll try to do this once a week. But if it gets boring, takes up too much of my time and gets no response I’ll not bother, because that would be silly.

1) Planning applications:  trees – felling

It’s that time of year when the tree-felling applications flood in. Make your views known on these links if you’re concerned. Usually, no one objects, and often the trees are cut down. City of York Council does have people who look after trees, but in the current climate I imagine they’re overstretched in their workload …?

    • St Cuthberts Church, Peasholme Green want to fell 4 ash trees and 2 lime trees. I’m assuming that these are by the city walls, and that their removal will completely alter the ‘feel’ of the walls walk there.
    • Network Rail want to fell ‘7 leaning trees’ protected by Tree Preservation Orders, alongside the York To Scarborough Railway Line, Bootham Terrace. Not sure which particular trees they mean exactly, haven’t had a look yet and the docs aren’t that clear, but this is an important wildlife corridor, and mature trees should be saved. Please read more on that link.

Also noticed tree works applications for Oliver Sheldon House, Aldwark, Galtres Grove, 49 Heworth, and an application to fell a yew tree at All Saints Church, Huntington

These are the ones I noticed. It’s not a comprehensive list. There are many other applications for tree works and no doubt more will be added through the winter. If a tree is in a Conservation Areas or has a Preservation Order (TPO) the work (pruning or felling) has to go through the planning system. You can search for others or browse applications via

2) Planning applications: demolition

Application to demolish The Junction, Leeman Road, York – might not be needed as a pub, but isn’t reusing a building of this period always preferable to demolishing it?

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