Demolition of Sessions print works

There are different views of what makes up ‘York’s true heritage’, as illustrated by a recent comment by council leader James Alexander. This place was part of York’s true heritage, by my reckoning. Books once printed here will be in homes and libraries all over York and beyond. One of my favourites may be the subject of a later page.

A few photos taken over the hedges and gates, yesterday. There are better photos online, from people with better cameras who got closer, in terms of being nearer. I took these because I cared. And that’s all I want to say. Demolition of Sessions, Huntington Road.








See also: the earlier page on the Sessions factory

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Thanks to @kelbirdy for the alert.

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  1. Violent destruction of a once proud printing works.Leaves a nasty taste to see it actually happening,via your camera.
    Wonder if any one of the powers that be in York,know anything about the detail of manufacturing work creation,adding to tourism?
    One would think that with the very high incidence of graduate citizens,it should’nt be too hard to recreate worth while higher wage
    production facilities for ordinary folk.

  2. YorkStories

    It is sad to see this. But inevitable I think. There’s so much demand for housing, and using these ‘brownfield’ sites is supposed to mean we keep more of our greenbelt.

    I can’t see 21st century York seeking to create factories and manufacturing jobs: the emphasis now is on our ‘cultural offer’ and ‘visitor offer’.

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