Sorry for the lack of updates

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to add anything for a week or more. There are various drafts, on various subjects, half-finished, but I’ve been busy with other things. I’ll attempt to get these half-finished pages online in the next day or two.

Some time recently which could have been spent writing has been spent instead on planning (yet another) major overhaul of this now massive website, to better display its massiveness, and to mark the imminent milestone/achievement of a decade online.

I’m also going to be thinking about, and writing about, the changes a decade has brought in this city.

When York Stories started it was … it sounds arrogant, but I know it’s true … ahead of its time. A lot of what I put online wasn’t covered in our traditional histories and no one else had represented it on the web in that way. I wanted York residents to claim the history all around us, our own.

Now that is happening all over the web, and it seems that every week there’s a new Facebook group on York’s history/memories. I don’t like Facebook, as previously mentioned, and am committed to maintaining this online presence out here on the ‘open to all’ internet. Sometimes though it’s difficult and dispiriting to be a creator of original content in a world full of people cutting and pasting and passing off other people’s work as their own.

I know my work on this site has been valued, and I really appreciate the comments made on these pages, kind words sent in emails, and on Twitter, and people who link to this website from their own websites and blogs.

The redesign of the site is a complicated process but I hope it will be improved in many ways as a result, in terms of content being easier to find, comments and connections more easily made. One thing I’m very pleased about is that a test run exporting the contents of this blog successfully captured and displayed all the comments made on these pages. Your comments are such an important part of this website now, so if I couldn’t transfer them successfully I wouldn’t have continued with the planned changes.

I’m sure readers will understand if pages on this site are shorter and perhaps less ‘polished’ for a time, as half my mind is on technical matters and importing databases and the like.

Update, 9 Dec

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  1. Catharine Willis

    Glad to see you back… With some good stuff.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

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