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A world of dead links

I’m reorganising the content on www.yorkstories.co.uk. It’s needed doing for a while.

It’s generally tedious – I expected that. Wasn’t quite prepared though for the amount of dead-ends I’ve found, where these pages link to other sites.

I’m sure that it used to be considered really bad form to leave … More …

Website reorganising … and remembering blogging

This website has evolved in a natural kind of way over eight years, and has been revamped and reorganised several times over those years, and is now due for another overhaul, since the new section brought with it another left hand menu which is different from the original one. Somehow … More …

Happy New Year

Today I had a short wander along the section of the city walls between Monk Bar and Bootham Bar. Mainly to have a look at trees. In particular some trees close to the walls, which are under … More …

Holgate windmill

There’s been a lot of interest in the York wheel, a new addition to the skyline, a big happy go-roundy thing. Over in Holgate there’s a more important structure, which is also large, also goes … More …



It’s the ’shortest day’ today, the winter solstice. Usually on 21 December, sometimes on 22 December, as this year. This is perhaps why I woke up at 5am, and am now sitting at my computer at 8am. … More …

River is up … wheel is up

The waters of the Ouse have done their usual autumn/winter thing, and the river level has risen dramatically after recent rain. The wider waters offered bigger reflections of the big sunset, and the big wheel.

wheel_sunset_091211_450.jpgMore …