The path through the allotments

A few evenings back I headed over towards Scarcroft stray, remembering once wandering through the allotments there, and inspired to retrace my steps by memories emailed from the US.

Audrey wrote:

At Scarcroft Rd … across the road were the allotments where local people had little patches and grew fresh vegetables. Walking along the path through it you came out on Albermarle Rd and crossed that to go onto the Knavesmire.

A short walk, a sunlit evening, in pictures and a Google map, about 70 years on I guess from when Audrey wandered through here.

There’s still a path through the allotments.

Before crossing the road to find its entrance, the bowlers in their whites on the bowling greens on the stray.


And along the allotment path, with photos (mainly enlargeable), and no sound but birdsong (imagine).








Into light, meeting the Knavesmire – the ‘Little Knavesmire’ – at the end of the path, across the road.

Audrey said:

Many a ball was kicked about there, impromptu cricket matches and flying kites too. Crossing the road you came to the racecourse side of Knavesmire. There we would run round the racecourse and after a race meeting pick up the cards the bookies handed out.

I sat on Little Knavesmire and remembered schoolday lunchtimes, meeting Nunthorpe boyfriends. And having to play rounders here in Mill Mount PE lessons, and wishing it was lunchtime. Or a sunlit evening. Like this one.

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  1. Elizabeth Hardcastle

    I regularly walk through these allotments on my way to work. At the moment the hedges lining the path are covered in roses and brambles – gorgeous! and lots of birds singing. A pleasant interlude between the busy Bishy Road/Scarcroft Road and Mount Vale. And people I meet always pass the time of day.

  2. audrey richardson

    lovely to see the picture, doesnt look a lot changed.
    I wonder if many people dig the allotments now.
    they were very popular in the 30s and 40s when cheap food ws needed. Money was tight and many a father and retired man has worked on the allotments to feed his family fresh vegetables.
    I wonder if they are well used today or falling into neglect.
    Knavesmire was mecca for the children and mums with kids. big prams and push chairs, packed lunches, bats, balls, sun hats abounded.
    The racecourse side with its wooded edge to tadcaster road was popular as there were buttercups under the trees and they came knee high to small children. I had a picture of two of my american grandchildren standing in them when they came to visit many years ago.
    My mother would walk the entire racecourse with us to work our energy off, she and my aunt walking along behind us with a picnic bag, We ate at the wooded end and then after playing ball we all walked back home worn out and ready for bed.

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