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It’s the ’shortest day’ today, the winter solstice. Usually on 21 December, sometimes on 22 December, as this year. This is perhaps why I woke up at 5am, and am now sitting at my computer at 8am. … More …

River is up … wheel is up

The waters of the Ouse have done their usual autumn/winter thing, and the river level has risen dramatically after recent rain. The wider waters offered bigger reflections of the big sunset, and the big wheel.

wheel_sunset_091211_450.jpgMore …

Site news, 7 Dec 2011

The main bit of website news is that ‘News and Views’ replaces the ‘news page’: www.yorkstories.co.uk/news.htm, as of December 2011.

Traditionally, I’ve taken photos and written something (often a lot) about them. But sometimes I have words and no pictures, sometimes pictures and no words. Or questions, or things … More …

Hungate area, 1990


Foss-side buildings in 1990. I don’t know what these businesses were, but the buildings are long gone.

Where they once stood, it’s now mainly open space, still awaiting redevelopment. The new apartments built in recent years are … More …