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Impressive frontage planned on Bootham

I’ve never been particularly troubled by the sight of empty shops, but the dilapidation is sad if it means the loss of historic architectural details, as it has here, on Bootham. This was once a handsome frontage, but its detailed fancy bits have suffered. They’ve had a memorably amateurish paint … More …

Bert Keech bowls club


I’m fully aware of the many famous and historic things that make York ‘special’. The buildings tourists flock to see. But one of the reasons this site exists is to appreciate the things more ordinary, the kinds of places all towns have. And perhaps, sometimes, to mark their passing, in my own way.

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York 800 – are you bothered?

I’ve been wondering about mentioning this year’s ‘York 800′ festival, but having been overly opinionated about several things towards the end of 2011, I’ve been avoiding it. (Being opinionated is tiring and requires a lot of energy, particularly if you’re a lone voice, or feel like one.)

I’m mentioning it … More …