In villages outside of York, one just beyond the outer ring road, one within cycling distance, the others further afield in North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

St Mary, Alne


Alne church doorway – detail Alne church doorway, detail


One sunny summer Saturday afternoon I cycled from York to Alne and beyond. The target of the excursion was the church at Alne, and its doorway, … More …

St Andrew, Rillington

7 February 2007

St Andrew, Rillington, exterior view
St Andrew, Rillington, spire

Rillington’s church has a spire on top of its tower. The spire seems to have caused a few problems in the past, as inscriptions inside … More …

St Edmund, Knapton

7 February 2007

View of St Edmund, Knapton

This visit was again prompted by family history research initially, though as with all other church visits similarly inspired, it was worth coming whatever the reason. This church is situated in parkland, tucked away between … More …

All Saints, Rudston

15 September 2006

View of Rudston church, and monolith

Not your usual rural parish church. This one has a huge monolith standing right next to it, towering over the chuchyard. The Rudston monolith is the largest standing stone in Britain, around 25ft (7.7 … More …

St Mary, Kirkburn

15 September 2006

Grotesque on wall of St Mary, Kirkburn Carving – south wall, St Mary, Kirkburn, Yorkshire

These wonderful creatures were found on the south wall of St Mary’s, Kirkburn, and show that visiting churches isn’t always … More …

St Edith, Bishop Wilton

10 September 2006

St Edith, Bishop Wilton, exterior view

This visit was unusual in that it was vaguely planned – planned to coincide with the Heritage Open Days in 2006. I didn’t know which of the many churches participating in the scheme … More …

St Felix, Felixkirk

11 June 2006

St Felix, Felixkirk, exterior view St Felix, showed rounded apse

On this occasion the visit was prompted by research into my family history, which seemed to show that some of my ancestors were baptised here, … More …