‘Write your own plaque': gallery

Pub frontage with temporary blue plaque

Blue Bell, Fossgate: temporary handmade plaque records that the city’s football club was founded here in 1922

As previously mentioned, Saturday was ‘Write Your Own Plaque’ day, part of the Living with History project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Below is a selection of the plaques placed on a wander through York. Paul Furness gave us the background to many of the plaques, and these stories are also included in this article in York Mix — highly recommended.

It was a fascinating and enjoyable wander. We had to brave rain showers and even hailstones at one point, so I hope the plaques survived that. (They’re only temporary, made from laminated paper and stuck on with tape.)

A highlight of the walk was our investigation of a forgotten toilet off Church Lane … More on that story later.

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  1. Was a good day and a great event, was good to meet you (Finally). Paul does a great job and I love his talks. The Toilets ……Hmmmmm they were a bit dark and strange especially with the big iron gate still there. BUT I digress, congratulations to York Living with History, York Past and Present and York Stories

  2. Really nice to meet everyone, and was pleased you too remembered those loos in use decades back!

    Hope there might be another similar event in future – without the rain and hailstones

    • Paul Furness

      Really was good to meet you at last – think I mentioned that I worked nights a few years ago, and following your stuff got me through the long, boring hours when nothing happened, so have been liking what you do for a while now. Thanks for the kind comments and the pictures – keep ’em coming!

  3. The Loos were very spooky in a lot of ways and I must say definitely need further investigation :). I know we are organizing other events so will let you know :)

  4. I’ve added an update: ‘Toilet stories from Church Lane‘ (exciting and alluring title don’t you think) – after I briefly and bravely ventured back down there and got a few more photos. Then ran away :)

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