Stone lion, Museum Gardens

June 2011

Carved memorial/effigy, with lion

These grounds are full of old stone sarcophagi and other stone fragments, and of late they’ve been moved around a bit. This carved piece was noticed this spring, placed near the former bowling green near the abbey ruins.

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Museum Gardens: people

March 2011

Museum Gardens, visitors, summer 2007

A great deal of effort has gone into this place, since the Yorkshire Philosophical Society took on the site in the early 19th century, and in its more recent management by the local authority and York Museums … More …

Museum Gardens: wildlife

March 2011

Squirrel, July 2007

The mature natural landscape of the gardens supports many species, but the ones we notice most are squirrels and pigeons, these days. I sat down on a bench in the gardens one morning in January and attracted the attention … More …

Museum Gardens: buildings

March 2011

King's Manor and Tempest Anderson Hall, from Museum Gardens

One of my favourite areas is beyond the ruins and the concrete paths, where the view outwards has the buildings of the King’s Manor site huddling together on the boundary, the work of … More …