New Foss bridge, Hungate

6 October 2011

New bridge between Navigation Road and Hungate

This is the new bridge recently constructed over the Foss, between Navigation Road and the new Hungate area development.

New bridges are always welcome, even if, as I think was the case with this one, initial designs are challenged.

On my first visit, in late August, it hadn’t been opened, and I visited from the other side, where the views weren’t particularly photogenic. I’m not sure these are either. But this new route across the River Foss is certainly a welcome addition.


I haven’t yet heard what otters think, but they may have a view … (see below)

After failing to find it open the first time, the second time I visited was by bike, cycling from the other side of town, where I took advantage of the lovely cycle-friendly riverside route of Terry Avenue, cycled over the Millennium Bridge, thinking it would be nice to visit both of our modern cycle/pedestrian bridges in one journey.

Eventually made it to Navigation Road, and there at its bend was this new way across the river, for cyclists and pedestrians, cheery with lights, landing me on the opposite bank. Hurrah. What a great thing a new bridge is.

I called back, in pedestrian mode, in daylight, to take a few photos.


Pedestrians testing new Hungate bridge
Bridge at Hungate, September 2011


I’ve noticed there’s been a fair bit of complaining about the amount spent on provision for cyclists in this city – many people just like moaning about cyclists – but of course the opening up of new cycle routes is also opening up new routes for walkers. And wheelchair users too – unlike the pedestrian bridge a little further along the Foss, and the old Scarborough Bridge across the Ouse, these modern pedestrian bridges aren’t accessed by steps, but are sloped to land on the riverbank in a way that is friendly and accommodating. All good, methinks.

This one seems quite popular with pedestrians already.

Just as important is the improvement of the surrounding area – the (historically grubby/litter-filled) River Foss. Environmental improvements will include, according to press reports, ‘the creation of an otter holt with viewing platform.’

One of the comments in response to the York Press story asks: ‘Is this so the Otters can sit and watch pedestrians and cyclists use the new bridge?’

Lovely idea – I hope journalists will canvass otter opinion at some future date.

More information

June 2010 – Bridge kickstart for Hungate homes site? (York Press)

23 September 2011 – New Hungate bridge opens in York (York Press)

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