Following the rising river, on Twitter

Flood, paths, Clifton ings, 24 Dec 2014

On Christmas Eve the Ouse began to ooze across the riverside paths, spilling out beyond its usual banks. This is of course a regular occurrence, though it seems a while since it happened. I am now aware and up-to-date on what the Ouse is doing, thanks to a particular Twitter account.

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High water, marked

Carved inscription showing water level

As the Ouse is rising again, it’s a good time to mention this local detail, noticed recently on the gatepost of one of the houses next to Lendal Tower, where the lane descends from Museum Street to the river, alongside Lendal Bridge.

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York floods, 1970s, before the defences

Paper has dramatic headline SIEGE OF YORK, large aerial view of floods, stories about the flood

From YouTube, 1970s (probably 1978) York floods, showing Marygate, Tanner’s Moat etc, under flood water. Also front page report of the floods of 1978, Yorkshire Evening Press, under the headline SIEGE OF YORK. It reported homes being evacuated in the worst floods since 1947.

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