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Update, 8 Aug: Demolition approved
More (from The Press, York)

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Handsome Victorian villa

Burnholme Social Club

If you’re reading this on Wednesday 7 August, and think this building shouldn’t be demolished, please register your objection. The planning application is being considered at a meeting on Thursday 8 August. Please also email your objection to the councillors attending the meeting (see list below).

Some suggested text below, which you could add to, or send as it is.

Recent objections have not been made available on the CoYC website. As the meeting is tomorrow I thought I should make them available:

Objection from the Victorian Society

Objection from the Ancient Monuments Society

See also (on the CoYC website): Cllr Dave Taylor’s objection (PDF) and other objections

How to object, option 1

Use this page to access the application, and log in to make a comment. You need to register first. Make sure you select ‘Object’ from the options. In the drop down, ‘Consultee response’ seems the most general and appropriate option. When you submit the form your comment should appear immediately in the list of documents on the ‘Documents’ page. Not under ‘Comments’, as you’d expect, which is just one of the ways the system isn’t very user friendly.

How to object, option 2

Use the text below, or your own (include the reference number), and send it to:

However, these objections don’t appear to be showing up on the system, perhaps the planning office staff are overworked and haven’t got around to scanning/uploading them. So they may not have much impact before Thursday’s meeting, if none of us can see them. I’m hoping the councillors who are deciding the issue can see them …

Subject: ref 13/01538/FULM, Burnholme Social Club, YO31 0LL

I wish to register my objection to the demolition of the Burnholme Social Club, as proposed in this application.

The building is included on the draft Local List. Several buildings on the List have already been demolished.

This 19th century villa is a landmark building in the area, an important reminder of the history of the Burnholme area, and far more attractive and valuable than anything proposed to replace it.

This building should be retained and refurbished, with new development alongside.

[your name and address]

You must include your name and address or your objection won’t be registered. This information is publicly viewable online during the time the application is being considered. (The documents are removed once the application is decided.)

And also: contact councillors

Please also send your objections and comments to the councillors attending the meeting on Thursday:,,,,,,,,,,

(cut and paste this list into the ‘To’ field in your email)

No chance perhaps …

‘the applicants advise it is not economically viable to continue to use the building as a social club or refurbish it for housing. There are no planning grounds on which demolition itself can be resisted.’
– says the report here (PDF). ‘No planning grounds’ I think must refer to the fact that it’s not a Listed Building, and that the draft Local List it’s on hasn’t yet been formally adopted. Perhaps public pressure can save it? Worth a try?

It’s clear from comments like this one on the Press website that the building is in a bad state, and that the club needs new premises. But for it to be demolished rather than rescued and refurbished simply because it’s not suitable for their needs seems rather odd. If Shipton Street School (also a late 19th century building) can be saved and turned into residential accommodation, then presumably this building could be too.


I am not an expert in planning matters. I’ve put this info online as I felt — having seen comments on the Press website — that someone had to. It’s all accurate to the best of my knowledge but if anything appears inaccurate add a comment or email.


Recent piece in the Press: Demolition of Burnholme Social Club set for approval

Earlier page on this site on the Burnholme Social Club

Information on the planning application:
planning application, information and documents
, including the
Design and Access Statement (PDF – large file)
(helpful for overview of the application and includes some history of the house).

Burnholme Social Club entry on the draft Local List

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  1. Done, I hope it helps.

  2. YorkStories

    Thank you Beverley, and Elizabeth too, for taking the time to do this. Your comments aren’t showing up either on

    I do hope the council sorts out the numerous problems with the system for commenting on planning applications, and soon. Anyone would think they didn’t want us to comment …

    I also sent various emails to around 15 councillors, haven’t had a reply. I’ll leave readers to interpret this, and move on to the next thing.

    Which may be a page asking readers what they think about the system for commenting on planning applications on

  3. Me too,although an ex-Yorkie living else where may not be very influential with these decisions.

  4. YorkStories

    Thank you Stephen. The recent comments still aren’t showing online, and the Victorian Society’s letter has been wrongly logged as a ‘General comment’ rather than the ‘Objection’ it clearly is.

    I have had an email back from the chair of the Committee saying that recent comments have been noted.

    Really hope some way can be found for the club to get the new premises it needs without the demolition of the old. Have great respect for any club which has managed to survive so long, from the 20th century into the 21st, with all the changes we’ve seen, and particularly as so many other local clubs have closed.

  5. YorkStories

    Demolition approved. See update at top of page.

  6. Lyn Pringle

    I absolutely agree that this beautiful building should not be demolished. Even if we had to lose the grounds to building land, the house could have been converted into homes. I live in close proximity to the Burnholme Club and I have taken various photos of it over the years, swathed in storm clouds, crowned with a rainbow halo and bathed in the brightest sunshine. Forever magnificent in my memory and those of my young grandsons too who lovingly refer to it as ‘the spooky house,’
    Shame on you, York Council.

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