Far from the festive shuffle – a short December wander

Grass and trees with cathedral towers on horizon

View of York Minster from the riverside, 1 Dec 2019

Been a while since I’ve been out for a York walk, but today, a bright Sunday afternoon, seemed like a good day for a brief dash about in the sun, up by the river and possibly further.

Earlier I’d read that town might be quite busy. There was a rally taking place, and the usual Christmas market on. The York Press, in a memorable turn of phrase, reported on the ‘festive queuing and shuffling’.


Nothing festive here, just a few photos of handsome things I noticed in the less crowded places on my side of town, away from the city centre shops.

Twisted branches and orange leaves against blue sky

Contorted hazel in a riverside garden, 1 Dec 2019

Approaching Scarborough Bridge I always admire the way the arch beneath it frames the view up the river towards Lendal Bridge.

Archway framing sunlit river scene

View towards Lendal Bridge, through Scarborough Bridge arch, 1 Dec 2019

That view doesn’t change much, through the years, but of course above the stone archway much has changed, in the modernisation of the bridge, something I’ve covered a few times before. It’s now a much wider and more accessible bridge deck, and a well-used and much appreciated route to the station.

Bridge deck and railing in sunlight

On Scarborough Bridge, 1 Dec 2019

Looking back, I admired its rusty orange loveliness and sculptural qualities, before heading back across it to go to the Museum Gardens.

Orange rusted bridge metalwork

Scarborough Bridge side view, 1 Dec 2019

I’ve also written before about the Edible Wood at one end of the gardens, the newish part behind the Art Gallery. And increasingly I appreciate the place and its planting in the colder months of the year.

Bare thorny branches, green and spiky

Naturally sculptural, Citrus trifoliata, in the edible wood, 1 Dec 2019

The beech hedges here are I think the ones retained from the old bowling green that used to be on this site. I noticed a hole, apparently deliberately created, which rather nicely framed a view of the door in St Mary’s Tower, in the background.

Orange beech leaves with gap framing building detail

A view through a hedge, 1 Dec 2019

I wonder what it frames if you’re looking from the other side. Perhaps I should have walked round to the other side and had a look, but I was getting cold by then, dear reader, and felt in need of a nice cup of tea back home.

The photo at the top of this page is one of my favourite views of the Minster, over the riverside area known as Paddy’s Pitch, between Clifton Bridge and Scarborough Bridge. On the way back home I noticed the Minster’s handsome sunlit reflection in a window on St Leonard’s Place.

Glimpse of sunlit cathedral against blue sky

York Minster, reflected, 1 Dec 2019

Back home, after several cups of tea, I thought about how I haven’t been able to add much to York Stories this year, and looked at something I drafted yesterday about a possible December daily posting. More on that story later. (… On this link)

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