Corner House pub to Tesco Express?

Corner House pub, Burton Stone Lane, 2 Oct 2014 Tesco may have its smaller ‘Express’ stores all over York (and indeed every other town and city) but it doesn’t have any in this part of town. Yet.

As previously mentioned, there are concerns that Tesco is interested in the Punch Bowl, on a prominent corner at the edge of the Groves area. Tesco is certainly interested in the pub pictured above, the Corner House, in the middle of another large area of terraced housing, to the west of the Groves, in Clifton.

Licensing application notice, on Corner House pub, 13 Oct 2014

In recent weeks this sign has appeared on a side door, suggesting that negotiations/plans are well advanced. It’s a licensing application made by Tesco Stores. A standard application for mini-supermarkets. I’m sure we’ve all seen these before, as so many mini-supermarkets have appeared in recent years.

It’s obvious why Tesco would be interested in this site. The Corner House pub is on Burton Stone Lane, in the middle of a large residential area. Burton Stone Lane is a long road and an old road, it’s the spine all these terraced streets were built around. It’s a busy thoroughfare, with more shops further along.

As the photo above shows, it’s a large pub, set back from the road with a parking area in front of it.

Altogether a perfect site for a mini-supermarket, I guess.

Though I have to say this would never have occurred to me, as it seemed to be doing well as a pub. When I pass it seems fairly busy for a pub in the suburbs.

Corner House pub, ads in window for events, 5 Oct 2014

Also, there’s a Sainsbury’s Local just a bit further down the road. And these mini-supermarkets aren’t that different from one another, so I’m not sure the local community really needs two rather similar supermarkets on the same road.

Personally I really like the Co-op, and wish they’d set up shop in Clifton. But perhaps they don’t go around trying to find pubs to buy to turn into shops. Or perhaps the pub companies don’t think of approaching Co-op when they’ve got a pub they want to sell.

Similarities and differences

So, two pubs not far apart, the Punch Bowl and the Corner House, both apparently under threat, being eyed by Tesco. They have a number of similarities. They’re both in the north-west suburban area just outside the city centre. Both on a corner site, and both seem popular and well-used.

But one is the subject of a vigorous and well-publicised campaign, and the other isn’t, as far as I know. Why the difference, I wonder.

There may be a fight going on to save the Corner House, and it might just be that I haven’t heard about it. If there is, or if you have any further information, please let me know.

And memories of ancient days …

Corner House, side door

Well, ok, not ancient. The late 1980s.

I watched bands here, back then. Or rather, I remember at least one gig by a York band. There may have been more than one occasion. It’s so long ago and memories blur into rosy nostalgia.

If anyone else remembers seeing bands here back then, do add a comment.

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  1. Lisa , I used to go see a few bands in there, saw “watch with mother” (Gary Barrett and crew) “roxette” no not THE roxette but an early version of zoot and the roots! And a few other bands Gypsy from Scarboro and a few more! I go in now on a Thursday to do the pub quiz , it’s a great night Steve the landlord is running a great pub and will be a big shame when he goes and it becomes a Tesco! And on one more note, I am going in this Saturday to watch a Michael Jackson tribute act.

    • Thanks Bry. I think I saw either Rough Mix, or This Happy Breed, here, back then.

      Sorry to see this place looks like it might be lost to the local community. Well done to the landlord as it has seemed to be thriving lately.

  2. P.s. Roxette are now the blueflies or at least some of them are.

    • Also, that side door picture, that used to be off sales where you could pop in for crisps and pop when you were a kid :)

      • I love to find out these local details, the things we remember, the things that make the place and make it special. Am glad I took that photo now. Thanks Bry :)

  3. Just heard from Bry that the pub is closing on 16 Nov.

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