Skipwith Common


Ponies on Skipwith Common, October 2007

Skipwith Common was officially recognised as a National Nature Reserve in December 2009, and as I’ve been visiting here for years, I thought it was about time I got around to including it on this site, in … More …

Filey /2

21 July 2006

Up on the cliffs above the beach, in front of the handsome old Crescent buildings, I found a splendid area of park and planting. Then, further into the town, a few photos of things observed.

Filey: 1
| 2

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Filey /1

21 July 2006

I don’t remember ever coming here as a child, but as an adult I’ve certainly appreciated Filey as a seaside destination. On a quiet weekday afternoon, during the heatwave in July 2006, it was the perfect place to be. This wasn’t a walk with a … More …


23 May 2006

Triton on gatepost to Sledmere church

This Triton, blowing on his conch shell, is on the gatepost to the church in Sledmere. He’s one of many fascinating sculptural elements in this much-admired estate village. There are so many things to … More …

Wharram and the Wolds /3

18 August 2005

3 – Wandering on the Wolds

It was evening by the time we’d looked around Wharram Percy and St Martin’s Church. The remainder of the walk followed a route high in the Wolds, across fields and along a narrow road.

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Wharram and the Wolds /2

18 August 2005

2 – St Martin’s, Wharram Percy

This ruined church remains as a reminder of the lost village.

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Wharram and the Wolds /1

18 August 2005

1 – Abandoned railway to a lost village

This walk took us to Wharram Percy – the famous ‘deserted medieval village’
– via part of an old Victorian railway route, which was also abandoned,
though much more recently, in the twentieth century.

Route details … More …

Flamborough Heritage Trail

17 August 2005

Sea, stone, wood, iron

Flamborough, view from the clifftop path

We approached the beach at South Landing, where the narrow road you walk down suddenly stops, and there’s the big blue stretch of water in front of you, and a great … More …