York, by haiku

Looking upwards, to station sign: YORK - and ornate top of iron column, and glass and iron roof

Slow sliding into
gentle curve of roof. Alight.
Four letters spell home.

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An unusual sight, from West Offices

A cheery red bus on a gloomy wet day

At first glance this appears to be just a rather unremarkable photo of a bus in a street on a gloomy wet day.

If you know York well, you’ll know that it’s not usual to see buses and other everyday through-traffic on this short stretch of road.

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Happy Easter


Splendid springtime is here again, with flowers blooming. The daffodils on the banks of the city walls are so often photographed, but of course the jolly yellow loveliness isn’t confined to there. Here’s a … More …

Snippet – how things change

‘I know of only one place where one can be publicly sociable in the small hours, and that is the all-night buffet on platform 14′

– Pamela Ward, in the Esher report, writing about York in 1968, when York station was clearly a happening kind of place …

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Wintry images


I’m full of cold and not wandering about much, indeed barely at all, but I did notice this handsome snowman who appeared at the weekend by the side of the River Ouse, in the Clifton area. Great face – I particularly … More …

Happy New Year

Today I had a short wander along the section of the city walls between Monk Bar and Bootham Bar. Mainly to have a look at trees. In particular some trees close to the walls, which are under … More …