Wintry images


I’m full of cold and not wandering about much, indeed barely at all, but I did notice this handsome snowman who appeared at the weekend by the side of the River Ouse, in the Clifton area. Great face – I particularly … More …

Happy New Year

Today I had a short wander along the section of the city walls between Monk Bar and Bootham Bar. Mainly to have a look at trees. In particular some trees close to the walls, which are under … More …

St Andrewgate, 1977


[Photo: Andy Tuckwell]

Lovely old brickwork, in wonky and dilapidated-looking buildings. A reminder of what the Bedern/St Andrewgate area looked like before redevelopment, its shabby charm captured here in sunlight and shadow on walls and windows.

Mysterious tower in enchanted forest …


Toll house, Lendal Bridge

I was rather charmed by this image of a familiar thing from an unfamiliar angle.

It’s not really a mysterious tower in an enchanted forest – it’s one of the 19th century toll houses on Lendal Bridge, looking up … More …

Barbican Centre reopens

September 2011

Toll house, Lendal Bridge

The Barbican Centre opened again this year after a long closure. I can’t remember why it was closed and I have to say I didn’t really care. I’ve gone to gigs here and a meeting, and every time, … More …