2013 review: snippets of sound

View of cathedral over pollarded trees

Taking photos and gathering snippets of sound, near the Minster, 16 May 2013

I write about this place, I take photos of it, and every now and then I feel inspired to record its sounds. Recording on a (rather old) mobile phone, that being the thing I have to hand.

Some sound snippets from this year, at various locations, including the Minster. Lo-tech, documentary type things. (‘Never mind the quality, feel the authenticity’ should perhaps be the slogan.)

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These sounds are:

Bootham Crescent, evening, 6 August 2013, York City fans singing …

Morning, 16 May, near the Minster, with birdsong and voices …

Evening in King’s Square, 19 June 2013, morris dancing …

21 June, summer solstice, standing at the top of Bachelor Hill, in Acomb, my Acomb. Birdsong and motorbikes …

17 Dec & 21 Dec, city centre sounds, late afternoon, Low Petergate, city centre, Christmas shoppers, music from the┬áChristmas Angels shop doorway, and buskers …

21 Dec, winter solstice, at dusk, on Paddy’s Pitch (across the river from the railway museum and York Station), robin┬ásinging, birds and a steam locomotive’s whistle and railway sounds …

21 Dec, by the Minster …

York City fans again, to sing us out. And another whistle from the loco by the NRM

More sounds

2012 snippets of sound, and other bits of York/Yorkshire audio

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