Wombleton airfield memorial

September 2010

Wombleton memorial – detail

Taking the road north from the village of Nunnington, you might notice an old control tower in the flat lands on your left as you get close to Wombleton. Sections of old runway are also visible. Turn left again and head for Harome and you’re on the other side of the airfield built here in the 1940s.

On the verge is a memorial dedicated to the Canadian air force (RCAF) who formed No.6 Group, and to ‘the men and women of the RAF and WAAF who served at Wombleton’. The carving on the stone reflects the airfield’s role as a base for Heavy Conversion Units (HCU) 1666 and 1679, which used the airfield to train crews to fly heavy bombers.

Wombleton memorial
Control tower, Wombleton

The memorial was dedicated in May 2001. The plaque records that ‘the people of Ryedale express their sincere thanks’ to those who served, ‘giving their youth, and time, and in many instances, their lives’.

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  1. I have been looing for Edward Sydney Hogg and found out that his grave at Helmsley Church. Miss Hogg,we were Playmates I was,6,lorraine was 5,me 1940 she 1941
    I fine that I have an interest in that part of the UK and hope come up to see his grave and maybe the Air field jntomey Leeds

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