Why does York flood?

Floods on riverside path
I noticed some time ago that a common search query bringing people to my website is ‘Why does York flood?’

There’s very little useful/user-friendly information available online to someone asking that question. After trawling … More …

Water Lanes

Pub next to flooded river

The river’s up again, as June’s heavy rainfall, having accumulated in the Ouse, works its way through the city centre. Here’s the bottom of Cumberland … More …

River is up … wheel is up

The waters of the Ouse have done their usual autumn/winter thing, and the river level has risen dramatically after recent rain. The wider waters offered bigger reflections of the big sunset, and the big wheel.

wheel_sunset_091211_450.jpgMore …

River Ouse view, 1977


[Photo: Andy Tuckwell]

Queen’s Staith in its scruffier days. I liked it better like this, to be honest …