Stephen’s long ‘York Walk’ – 1950s

In case you can’t picture these streets and this walk as well as I could – having walked so many of these streets myself – there’s also a Google map to accompany this page.

Photo: Stephen, Lilian, and friend, at a dance at the Assembly Rooms, Blake Street, in the early 1950s

“Dancing memories, of the 1950’s, (before you arrived on the York scene), when our Saturday night treat, was ‘Boy Meets Girl’ at the DeGrey Rooms in exhibition square, keeping up the tradition started by our wartime hero air men. It then involved using the last of the night’s cash, to get a taxi (a Vauxhall from Musem St) to get her home to Acomb,and with luck a ‘goodnight kiss’,(Oh! the innocence of those days!!)

Then came the long trudge home, via, Front St, Acomb Rd, Wilton Rise, the Footbridge over the railway, Cinder Lane, your ‘Marble arch Tunnel’, Post office Lane, Scarboro’Bridge, under railway line, Longfield, Bootham and Grosvenor Terrace, Glass bridge, Asylum Lane (I still don’t like re-namings,or Political Correctness,wash your mouth out Steve!),Wigginton/Haxby rd Junction, (use the toilet there ,now defunct,as it’s a long walk!), on to Rowntrees, Kitchener St, Huntington Rd, Fossway, and at last Home, now that’s what I call a ‘’York Walk’’!That’s how I met my lovely wife,and had to do that ‘performance’ what seems like a thousand times,before we went down St Stephen’s aisle to wed.”

Stephen’s long ‘York Walk’ – 1950s – Google map

Footnote: Stephen and Lilian first met at a Rowntree youth club dance (3d entry fee), in around 1947. Their dancing began when they met again at the De Grey rooms. They married in 1953. They’re still dancing together, 60 years on.

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  1. drake Richards

    What a hike ! and probably in all weathers…great story

  2. YorkStories

    You’re right, quite a trek. You can see why there wasn’t an obesity problem in those days!

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