Capaldi’s Snack Bar, 1950s


Tower Street, where Capaldi’s had a snack bar, next to the shop selling Frigidaire products, and where, in those days, it was possible to park right in front of your premises to load your van.

The photo can be enlarged. Compare with the more recent Google Street View.

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Thanks to Jamie for the photo.


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  1. Brings back great memories – Thanks very much! Also remember very well the older gentleman who sold Capaldi ice cream from a pedal cart ( basically a bicycle with a cooler on the front end – and a bell of course)
    As kids in the late forties – early fifties we would line up for a threpenny one or on good days a sixpenny sandwich or a cornet as they called them in those days. We would marvel at his smile which flashed from his gold teeth. Does anyone have a photo of him?

  2. Hi Dave – the gentleman with the gold teeth was called “ollie” Capaldi (his actual first name was Olympio).

  3. Thanks Jamie – I remember Ollie selling his ice cream in the Fulford Rd. area, but no doubt he covered other areas.


  4. pauline quinton

    I was at St Georges’ school with Nino Capaldi

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