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Sunset from Lendal Bridge, 7 May 2015

Sunset from Lendal Bridge, 7 May 2015

I left us sitting in King’s Square, while I went off to get fish and chips. This was about a fortnight ago. In the meantime I pondered things and took some pictures, like the one above, but arm problems and hardware problems and various other factors made communication difficult, and I went off for some rest and recuperation, and tree-hugging at Moorlands. And to find a new keyboard, as the one on the laptop has decided it doesn’t want to produce the letters ‘t’ and ‘y’, which is rather inconvenient. I now have a second keyboard plugged in to the USB port and I’ve almost got used to this alternative input device and going back to big rattly keys, or ‘ral kes’ as the malfunctioning laptop keyboard would have called them.

So, here we are, we’re back, with new pages posted today, and it’s May, and the swifts are in screeching flight around the house, the horse chestnut trees are in flower and the cow parsley is in bloom. I was going to add that the morris dancers should be back in King’s Square on Monday evenings, but according to the Ebor morris website that’s not happening until June, when they’ll be dancing on that smooth new paving, which I hope we’re all appreciating, as it cost a lot didn’t it.

We have a new-look city council, and it will be interesting to see what changes and what doesn’t.

I have posts in progress and publications pending, so let’s try again with this more regular updates thing.

Here’s some morris dancing music from last year, to bring cheer to this day this May. This is particularly for anyone who feels slightly depressed by the election results.

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