Christmas Day, 2005

25 December 2005

Father Christmas and the Minster, Christmas Day 2005

I normally hibernate as much as possible through winter – which is probably why I’m only just adding this festive page in April. But I’m glad we went for a little wander into York after Christmas lunch, as it meant I got to see Father Christmas. This is a lovely snapshot of the Minster’s west front in winter sunlight. But look! There’s Father Christmas climbing up the front of that building! Or is he climbing down? Anyway, there are obviously some good people on High Petergate – the kind that Santa visits – the kind that like to cheer other people up.


Bart Simpson says Merry Christmas
Festive wreath, St Sampson's

Other festive figures were spotted on the balcony of this riverside building near Ouse Bridge. While St Sampson’s church was decorated with the more conventional (& rather handsome) Christmas wreath.


Spurriergate development
Spurriergate – new shops under construction


The new shopping development on the corner of Spurriergate is still obviously under construction, with hoardings around the lower parts, but its main bulk is in place. Windows on one side already bear the mark of well-known retailer H&M. There’s no one out shopping today though, of course, not even window shopping. The streets are almost deserted.


Micklegate Bar

In fact, the very desertedness of the streets makes them worth a photo, despite the fading light. Here’s Micklegate Bar, from the inner face, looking downwards to Blossom Street. The original uncropped photo did show one solitary figure on the right in a red coat, (maybe Santa again), but there’s no one else around, and, through the arches, just one car at the traffic lights.

In this respect – hardly any cars – I agree with the sentiment in that famous festive song – I wish it could be Christmas every day.

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