One building, and some questions

I’m sorry for the slowdown/halt in adding content recently. I’ve been working on other things.


For now, here’s a photo of a building I was going to write about, and perhaps revisit (if it’s still there and hasn’t already been cleared out of the way). I’ve been meaning to write about it for months. But it would be far more interesting and useful if I could gather other people’s views before I do so.

I’ve been thinking a lot about heritage, and meanings, and what particular buildings and places mean, and why. This probably arose mainly from the debate over King’s Square, and James Alexander’s comments about ‘York’s true heritage’, then more recently after meeting with Helen Graham to discuss the Living with History project, the associated plaques day, and in response to the ‘Your Place’ project.

So I would appreciate your thoughts, dear readers, via this survey below, or on this link if it’s not displaying in a user friendly way on here. Please answer at least the first question. Thank you.

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