Not just ‘Wonderland': Illuminating York

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The title of this page could instead be ‘Just not Wonderland’, judging by early reviews. I’m getting the impression from comments made on Twitter and on the Press website that many visitors have been disappointed by what is being promoted as the ‘main event’, in the Museum Gardens. So I just wanted to mention some of the other things on offer.

Visit the Illuminating York 2012 website for the full programme of supporting events.

Figures in silhouette against lit-up train in dark hall
This is an image from last year’s Illuminating York, from one of the ’supporting’ events. The National Railway Museum was open, displaying lit-up locos, and offering an opportunity to wander around the outdoor area too. This was free last year and remains free this year. As do many other events. Others have a modest entrance fee or encourage donations. Venues are spread through the city. There’s music too at some venues, food and drink treats at others.

Two of our beautiful medieval churches are open as part of Illuminating York – All Saints’, North Street and St Mary, Castlegate. I suspect many of us don’t visit our churches normally, but I know from having been to All Saints during last year’s Illuminating York that it makes for a memorable evening to experience them filled with colour and sound.

I’m glad I discovered the supporting events, as I wasn’t that impressed by the larger-scale projections onto various historic buildings. Most people love that part of it, guess I’m just weird. It doesn’t matter, as there is something for everyone.

Visit the Illuminating York 2012 website for the full programme of supporting events. Note: some events are on for just one or two nights, please check details and times on that link.

Comments welcome below. I won’t be going to the Museum Gardens event, but reviews on this or any other Illuminating York event are welcome.

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