This month, in pictures

On a rainy night in early May I dashed down to the memorial gardens near the station to see a beacon lit to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day.

VE day 70th anniversary beacon, York, 8 May 2015

A few days later, I visited Moorlands Nature Reserve.

Rhododendron bud, Moorlands Nature Reserve, near York, 11 May 2015

Also in May, I walked on Clifton Backies and Bootham Stray. On Bootham Stray, the remains of shelters from the former Clifton airfield, with the old Rowntree’s factory buildings on the horizon.

On Bootham Stray, May 2015

I cycled down Pottery Lane for the first time and had a proper look at a green space behind a fence, where houses will soon be built.

A small green space on Pottery Lane, York, May 2015

And on the same day cycled out to Monks Cross, Huntington, to have a look at the site where the new Community Stadium will be built.

Monks Cross, approaching the stadium site, May 2015

And later that day had a walk into town, and visited a few places where things have changed, took some photos of the back of the art gallery …

Back of the art gallery, York, May 2015

… and the Hiscox site, on Peasholme Green.

Hiscox building, under construction, May 2015

A sign on St Michael le Belfrey church made me smile …

Sign on St Michael le Belfrey, York, May 2015: 'Try praying'

And I added to my collection of ‘examples of interesting lettering’, for a book I’m working on.

Car park sign, 'PAY', York, May 2015

And also had many conversations about plans to repackage the content on this site, about ideas of ‘value’, what is valued, how much online content is taken for granted. The local explorations pictured above, some of them may be elaborated on at greater length, I’d like to, but it’s probably only possible if supporters enable it.

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  1. Sorry to be out of touch with recent postings but are we talking the Pottery Lane Strensall over bridge and past graveyard direction Sherriff? Very interesting around old airfield and scene much suffering = part of Clifton CC flat 10 circuit and the corner in question always used to be marshalled by ‘Mac’ – thanks for getting me round Mick! More seriously I think there is quite history with first war then iirc Polish persons living in left over accommodation followed by travellers? Pretty sure I have read about schools and link to graves at Sutton here on yorkstories.

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