Holgate windmill

There’s been a lot of interest in the York wheel, a new addition to the skyline, a big happy go-roundy thing. Over in Holgate there’s a more important structure, which is also large, also goes round, but as far as I know you can’t go for a ride on it. Still, it might soon make flour, which, as it then makes bread, is clearly actually useful.

It has been neglected on these pages, and as I’ve long felt bad about this, our now-traditional Christmas Day walk headed for Holgate windmill. In its sail-less state I passed it many times in the 1970s and 80s. Every time I went to school, every time I caught the bus to town. It was a big black thing I never had much interest in, back then.


We approached Holgate from ‘Dicky Bridge’ (as we used to call it) over the railway line south of Holgate Bridge. Over Holgate Bridge the York wheel was resplendent, but far more interesting was the glimpse of white sails over suburban rooftops to the west.

Close up, the new sails are very handsome, reflecting the last light of the day. Shutters are still to be added, in the new year.

The York wheel has been raised by a commercial company looking to make a nice profit. These sails have been raised by the hard work and commitment of many people looking to preserve Holgate’s heritage, and make some nice bread.

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  1. Is ‘Dickie Bridge’that one between Cinder Lane and Railway Terrace,(pedestrian only pathway),or is it the one between Love Lane and Holgate gardens,or what? I find your journey’s, to and from your destinations,in York’s squiggly snickets,alleyways and Yards,as interesting as the end product and photo’s.Nice to know they’ve made a productive use for your ‘big black thing’of your youth.
    Would be nice if the same could be done for the Rowntree/Macintosh/Nestle/Whatever name ,big red brick thing on Haxby Road,instead of high rise/high rent/high class folk flats destiny!
    Wonder if any one agrees?

  2. Hi Stephen – the footbridge I remember us calling ‘Dickie Bridge’ is the second of those you mention – we walked from town via Blossom St and then down Dalton Terrace to the alleyway behind The Mount school, then over the railway at Dickie Bridge. On the way back, went via the other footbridge you mention, from Wilton Rise/Railway Terrace across the rail lines to Cinder Lane, emerging near the back of the railway station, near that glorious ‘Marble Arch’ tunnel.

    Regarding the Nestle site … I have a half-done page on this, hope to get it completed soon. The site might just sit empty and undeveloped for years, of course …

  3. Thank you Lisa,that route was evocative for me.This project of yours of comment/conversation after your walks,is such a good idea,but needs more input.Fingers crossed.!

  4. PS I mean more input from us/we ,your readers,you already do enough!

  5. YorkStories

    Thanks Stephen, I appreciate your support. Don’t mind if people don’t want to comment – am happy that the opportunity is there, and for it to evolve naturally – or not.

    If it got too busy my cheap website hosting might not be able to cope … !


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