Paving, part 2: down the alleys

Time for another page about paving. Isn’t this exciting? We’re off down the back alleys behind Victorian terraced housing. Don’t all rush at once — and don’t trip over the bin bags.

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A magical alley: Carr’s Lane

Alley between brick and stone walls, crooked, ancient, cobbled
Recently we’ve spent a lot of time on the grandly-named ‘Lord Mayor’s Walk’, discussing the Bile Beans ad. Here on the other side of town is Carr’s Lane. A thoroughfare … More …

1930s classic: Marygate phone box

Red phone box against stone walls
Red phone box, Marygate. The view down Marygate from Bootham is, as I’ve mentioned before (often), aesthetically pleasing. There are many elements making the scene seem a special one, but perhaps … More …

What’s underfoot

It’s the details that make a place, make the character of it. We don’t always notice them, until perhaps they’re hit by a different light in a different month, or washed by rain or defined by frost.

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Drinking fountains, cattle troughs

Rather ornate stone structure, with canopy, dated 1880

Here on the boundary of that familiar landscape known as the Museum Gardens is one of many local structures both familiar, in that we see it all the time, and unknown, in that we don’t use it. It’s a drinking fountain, proudly dated 1880, which has two faces, into the Gardens and onto Museum Street.

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