St Andrewgate, 1977


[Photo: Andy Tuckwell]

Lovely old brickwork, in wonky and dilapidated-looking buildings. A reminder of what the Bedern/St Andrewgate area looked like before redevelopment, its shabby charm captured here in sunlight and shadow on walls and windows.

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  1. Andy Tuckwell

    I remember being surprised at finding all these really run-down old buildings immediately behind a smart tourist area. It almost seemed that York had so many good buildings that it could afford to waste some of them. I suspect that attitude might well live on for some of the humbler buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries which you have highlighted on this site.
    If a place has many examples of a type of building, it’s always hard to argue the case for keeping any particular one of them – but there is an accumulative loss of townscape as they go.

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