Keeping time: York clocks

Projecting clock on ornate bracket

Moving on from the stopped clocks, which were arranged by the date of the building they were on, to a selection arranged by the time they told — which was, in all cases, the right time. Captured on camera during recent evening wanderings.

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Even a stopped clock

‘Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day’ — as the saying goes.

Stopped clock, faded face, 4 July 2013

Here’s one I’ve only recently noticed. It’s small, and rather grubby and faded, and in fact barely visible. The photo needed some digital enhancement to make it obvious that there’s a clock face in there. The clock stopped at around 6.20, decades ago by the look of it.

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Local details: quiz-type thing /4

Reads 'ER 1953'

It’s not really a quiz, but it’s the usual ‘have a go at guessing or just look further down the page for the answer’ format. These usually involve two different details, but this page has just one. Three images of it, zooming further out.

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Changing times: factory clocks

Early 20th century factory clock, 21st century solar panel fitted

The Rowntree factory clock on Wigginton Road, fitted with a solar panel since its earlier appearance on these pages. Attention was drawn to these clocks after they were manually adjusted to just after 8 o’clock to celebrate the history of a particular line of confectionery once manufactured here.

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Time after time

Outdoor clock in front of trees, by factory entrance, time: 8:05

I like this. An understated, witty reminder. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous ‘After Eight’ mint, once manufactured here at Rowntree’s, the old factory clocks were adjusted, to just after eight.

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