Wolds wander – waymarkers, boundary stones

At last, a wander in the wonderful wolds of East Yorkshire. We were heading for Huggate, but ended up in Londesbrough, because I was ‘navigating’. (Too distracted by the undulating land and tree-greenness to take note of turn-offs.)

The Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors are famous, the undulating Wolds less … More …

Conversation Piece

6 October 2011

Conversation Piece, Bishopthorpe Road, York

This sculpture has been standing at the corner of Bishopthorpe Road and Scarcroft Road since 2010, though I have to confess I didn’t know about it, and found it by chance, when wandering down Scarcroft … More …

Mini-Stonehenge, St Nicholas Fields

June 2011

Sunlight through stones, St Nicholas Fields

As it’s approaching the summer solstice, I thought it was about time I included these images of Stonehenge, taken back in April.

Not the real Stonehenge, of course, but our own ‘mini-Stonehenge’ – the ‘Dragon Stones’ … More …

Stone bench, Dean’s Park

June 2011

Stone bench, Dean's Park

By the venerable stone of York Minster, and of the Minster library, and the remnants of the old Archbishop’s Palace (now a war memorial), is this rather more modern stone creation, made a mere ten years ago. … More …