Graffiti, and art

The York Press reported yesterday that a wall of the old St Leonard’s Hospital building, between the Museum Gardens and Library Square, has been covered with graffiti, in the form of angry scribblings and daubings. I can’t understand why someone would want deface lovely old limestone of great historical significance.

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Foss Islands cycle track, graffiti


Cycle track, graffiti, Huntington Road

Graffiti is common on this route, under the bridges and here on the bridge over Huntington Road.

Here’s a tasteful, carefully centred, apparently stencilled image of a person on a bike. Many people object to graffiti, but I … More …

Graffiti, revisited, 2011 – 3

February 2011

Child's drawing of a house, scratched into stone, York

Even in the days of spray-paint and marker pens, traditional graffiti persists. This example was noted in November 2011 in Dean’s Park, by the Minster, defacing the handsome stone bench. These children – vandals eh?

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