Foss Islands cycle track, graffiti


Cycle track, graffiti, Huntington Road

Graffiti is common on this route, under the bridges and here on the bridge over Huntington Road.

Here’s a tasteful, carefully centred, apparently stencilled image of a person on a bike. Many people object to graffiti, but I … More …

Graffiti, revisited, 2011 – 3

February 2011

Child's drawing of a house, scratched into stone, York

Even in the days of spray-paint and marker pens, traditional graffiti persists. This example was noted in November 2011 in Dean’s Park, by the Minster, defacing the handsome stone bench. These children – vandals eh?

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Graffiti, revisited, 2011 – 2

February 2011

Graffiti on St Leonard's Hospital

Moving on from the colourful and often carefully planned type of wall decoration, with its self-defined (though fluid and variable) boundaries, we meet the inevitable scribbling and random tagging.

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Graffiti, revisited 2011 –1

February 2011

Graffiti on the cycle track to Selby

Personally, I don’t feel better about my world if I see a load of greyish concrete, and as far as I’m aware, grey concrete underpasses usually have no architectural merit. So if I’m cycling down one of the urban cycle tracks and see colourful embellishments of the more skilful variety covering a bit of grey concrete, I’m often cheered up, rather than offended. And I know I’m not alone.

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